San Spirito (Venice)

The O1A group is extremely privileged to have earned the opportunity to breathe life into a great piece of history, in one of the world’s most sought after destinations, Venice.

San Spirito, is a small island of approximately 24,000m2. The History of San Spirito is nothing short of amazing. Amongst the islands many claims to fame, primarily due to its fortuitous location as the naval gate to Venice, it had hosted Napoleon. The Emperor used the island as his stronghold to the entry of Venice. Indeed, some of the buildings from Napoleons era, are now going to be brought back to life, in an invigorating and most inspiring manner.

Although, there can be several uses for the island, it is our strong opinion that the best and highest use of San Spirito will be that of a Private, super luxurious, Residential and Hotel development. The facilities will be offered to the locals as well as others, desirous of an escape in the immensely cultural, and graphic Venice.


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