Tay Residence

The Tay Residence is a six-bedroom luxury home in Oyster Cove, Queensland. The house presents formally upon entry, embracing the view of the man-made lagoon at the end of the main entry axis which dissects the formal living areas on the west wing and informal areas on the east wing.

The forms are generated by the volumes which are responsive to the uses and the architectonics result from the orientational directives; protecting the building from the harsh western sun and filtering the morning sun. The double volumes of the informal spaces link the upper level sleeping areas and the lower level guest facilities, creating a variety of spaces at their intersection which allow for the casual interaction between the occupants.

The external finishes are stainless steel cladding and oxidized copper panels with glass balustrades. Internally, the two-storey high main entry hall becomes the central focus around which all internal spaces revolve, featuring a large elliptical rooflight, circular stair and inclined glass curtain wall. The interior finishes scheme combines warm tones of natural stone with accents of black marble, granite and glass.


Queensland, Australia

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