Intergraded Resort Township

The site is situated within undeveloped land with a possible future parallel road further bisecting it. The level of vehicular traffic carried by these roads will impact upon the integration and connectivity of the three land areas. The entire site generally falls towards the river to the northwest and provides an opportunity for distant views from some locations.

The brief calls for a mixed-use development including apartments, townhouses (row houses), attached villas, retail facilities, commercial facilities and a hotel. The development is to be an ‘integrated township’ that will be attractive to residents and investors.

The proposal aims to: * Create a sustainable development outcome that promotes and respects environmental, economic and social requirements. * Maximise potential development yield without compromising amenity. * Create a strong ‘sense of place’ and urban character to distinguish the township from other development. * Be adaptable to accommodate client brief and town planning revisions. * Minimise adverse impacts from existing and proposed roads. * Facilitate and encourage pedestrian circulation and minimise the need and desire to use cars. * Provide a range of choices to potential purchasers.

Various urban design elements are used to organise and unify the site, enhance amenity and create a strong identifiable character.


Goa, India

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