Iceberg Shopping Complex

The design of this shopping complex aims to create an exciting, vibrant and dynamic commercial and entertainment centre and is set to become a memorable destination in Guwahati. The building’s fluid form and external skin are designed to be visually striking, whilst at the same time cost effective and adaptable. The skin consists of a combination of glass and perforated fabric/metal in a simple geodesic framework which follows the fluid geometry of the form. Glass is used for the upper level facades where the offices are located, whilst the retail and cinema levels below feature a combination of glass, perforated materials and LED media screens.

This dynamic illuminated system is supplemented by LED advertising bill boards that can act as giant television screens. The main structural body of the building can be of simple construction since it will be clad by an external skin. This will expedite the construction process and since the skin will be prefabricated and installed by specialists the skin will be of the highest standards and of minimal cost. Glass areas can be minimised and located only where necessary.

The building comes alive equally in the day time as it does at night. Its form is inviting and it features an elegant entry which directs the traffic flow internally. The interior spaces complement the fluidity of the external form and the curvilinear atrium space is well illuminated by the skylight which also utilises a directional reflective system, driving daylight deep into the space and creating a vibrant shopping atmosphere.


Guwahati, India

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