Galije Resort

Galije is situated in one of Europe’s most desirable, quality coastlines. The Resort and Residences are designed to become one of the World’s greatest Eco Resorts. The proposal consists of some 54,250sqm residences and a combination of Hotel Suites, single and double bedroom hotel villas and stand alone suites. The resort will also contain at the upper section of the hill, next to the main road entry, 3 Food and Beverage outlets as well as the Greeting Lobby at beach level, a Signature seafood restaurant, all day dining and bar facilities. To further supplement the opulence of the beachfront resort lifestyle, the occupants are offered a state of the art waterfront Health Spa and Aqua Facilities. The Health Spa will be part of the water front architecture with optimum water views over the Adriatic Sea. Although the site can accommodate large vehicles, it is proposed that, with the exception of emergency vehicles, the internal circulation will be restricted to electric buggies. By opting for this approach the design not only achieves considerable cost savings but also ensures a low noise tranquil lifestyle within the resort and the residential neighbourhoods. Secure covered Parking will be provided for the residents in an automated stacker facility located at the upper cliff face, whilst the short term guests of the Food and Beverage guest can park at the upper level, outdoor parking area. Naturally, the resort will have its own sewerage treatment plant and grey water recycling system. Solar panels will capture the abundant Montenegrin Sun and provide substantial energy got the use of the Resort. Other energy generation and preservation features will also be investigated to ensure the Eco Resort label which will not only benefit in the marketing of the project but will assist in reducing the running costs of the development.



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