The Chandigarh deluxe high-end estate development has been designed with the vision of excellence. The development showcases a welcoming and livable atmosphere. It consists of four curved blocks inscribing a gentle radiant arc enveloping the crescent shaped site. The middle two blocks join by means of what resembles an arched gateway, bridging the upper three floor levels of the twelve level structure.  The adjoining blocks located on either side of the central showpiece decrease in height by two levels, thus acquiring a complementary scale and appearance of belonging and relative to the neighbourhood development.

The proposal seeks to make a positive contribution to its environment and landscape in terms of design excellence and skillful master planning. The project is developed like a neighbourhood with streets, parks and community facilities. The buildings and surrounding open spaces are design to tie together as an integral part of the estates community.  The built forms and landscaping inter-relate seamlessly bringing about a distinctive sense of place, community and of belong to the neighbourhood. The buildings themselves are laid out in a fluid formation. They are receptive in form, colour and to Chandigrah’s subtropical location. The interwoven curved shaped outline of the balconies animates and invigorates the buildings facades with energy whilst presenting a visually striking architectural style complementing the contemporary subtropical Indian lifestyle.

The development provides for a range of apartment sizes. They are designed to blend the in and outside with large living room and bedroom windows that to open to outside balconies. They are orientated to maximize the views and to receive the greatest possible degree of light. The parking is all concealed underground and of sight. The parkland has been given over to the residents where people can play, picnic, sunbathe, exercise, meditate, swim, skate or socialize. The overall development has a connected feel with the interconnection of paved line roadways, pathways, waterways and public open spaces that reach out and engage all corners of the site.

All these elements make a positive contribution to the overall design. Like all good parks, the open expanse of greenery helps make this apartment development look more regal.



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